The What Watering can


We will establish a globally competitive, vibrant, and impactful high tech environment creating sustainable long term economic development in the State of Nebraska via the creation of multiple for-profit software companies.

Our company is forged out of the belief that our community in Nebraska has all of the makings of being a vibrant and influential technology leader in the US, but too few of the impactful or focused efforts necessary to reach that potential.

In the spirit of this belief, Nebraska Global represents a new kind of venture capital fund that follows these philosophies:

Patient capital is a key game changer.

Patient capital is another name for long-term capital, where the investor or backer is willing to make some type of investment in a business with no expectation of turning a quick profit. Instead, the investor is willing to defer any return for an extended period of time. The anticipation with patient capital is that by foregoing any type of immediate return, the profits down the road will be more substantial.

Economic gardening trumps economic hunting.

Econonimc Gardening

Economic gardening and Economic hunting are two very different approaches to economic development within a community.

Economic gardening seeks to create jobs and entrepreneurial activity by focusing on the local community: Investing in local people and their talents, cultures, passions and skills. We want to create an engine of change in Nebraska that encourages our high skill level in-state talent to stay and thrive. Ultimately, this will make innovation and the production of new technologies and businesses one of Nebraska’s largest exports.

Economic hunting seeks to create jobs and entrepreneurial activity by attracting investment and employment from outside the community. Typically, this growth is short-lived and overdependent on government stimulus programs, new buildings, lower skill level jobs, and low cost producers of manufactured goods (otherwise known as "chasing smokestacks"). While useful, we don’t believe it carries the necessary impact absent active economic gardening.

Generational impact.

We pursue the opportunities that have the best chance of creating sustainable and impactful businesses on a generational timetable rather than a short-term timeline. We admire Silicon Valley, but our intent is not to find quick wealth for a few. We prefer to take a much more holistic, longer term view of what can be created and sustained.