A stronger state of development

We are a venture capital fund founded on the idea that when nerds and money meet, amazing things can happen. We have invested in viable, long-term software companies and helped to build an influential technology environment in Nebraska.


We believe in pursuing opportunities that have the best chance of creating sustainable and impactful businesses on a generational timetable. Our intent is not to find quick wealth for a few. We prefer to take a much more holistic, longer-term view of what can be created and sustained.

Here are some of the companies we helped to build.

We’re Building Something Special Here

We’re okay with the perception of Nebraska as a geographic wasteland of nothingness; the Internet renders location practically irrelevant. And with the help of comprehensive information science, business, technology, and engineering programs at respected state universities, many of these graduates are groomed to be the nerds Nebraska Global so desires.

While Nebraska Global is not currently investing in new opportunities, we encourage you to contact the team at Don’t Panic Labs to share any ideas you may have.

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