The How Formula


Success of the Nebraska Global mission hinges on:

  • The synthesis of adequate capital resources with proven entrepreneurs
  • An experienced engineering staff
  • An aggressive and proven development process
  • The state’s best and brightest young talent

We are committed to creating returns for our capital partners and launching great companies with our entrepreneurs. Combining the extensive operational experience and software success of the Nebraska Global management team with the economic drivers in our community – the universities, an energetic and well-educated work force, an unmatched Midwest work ethic, and attractive start-up economic factors we enjoy in Nebraska – we are passionate about what the future can become.

Together, we efficiently qualify, develop and spin off software applications into profitable businesses, generating superior risk-adjusted returns for investors. This comprehensive approach creates a sustainable software ecosystem and high-paying jobs for Nebraska.

We believe that nurturing development of entrepreneurial infrastructures in communities throughout the state ultimately leads to a stronger presence of entrepreneurial minds, something that leads to future population and income growth.

How We Create Successful Software Companies

  • Partnership with higher education institutions and programs

  • Outright or minority acquisitions

  • Deal flow with ties to the State of Nebraska

  • In-house opportunities identified by company leadership