The Who Glasses


Nebraska Global was founded on the idea that when nerds and money meet, amazing things can happen. We have the money. Now, we need more nerds.

We know software. It’s our passion, our love. In fact, the only thing we love as much as software is this great state of Nebraska. And we’re looking for more people like us—software-loving Nebraska nerds who want to build a life around this unique passion.

Nebraska Global isn’t your typical venture capital fund. Unlike most VC firms, we want to focus on building a sustainable tech environment by helping establish healthy, hearty software businesses within the state and not focus solely on a 30x return and pre-determined exit strategy. Our mission is to build profitable companies, but it isn’t to squeeze every last dollar out of entrepreneurs or “spray and pray” (We promise. Read our mission). We’re just nerds with money who want to see more of both stay in Nebraska and prosper.

Grow your business here. Raise your family here. Develop here.