The Do's & Don'ts Thumbs Up


In order for this whole thing to work, we have to be picky. We’ve focused our criteria to a few specific things that will help us thrive collectively. So, without further ado, here’s what we are (and aren’t) looking for…

We DO want:

Tell us more and...

  • Software applications with real-world demand
  • Applications that solve defined problems or easily understood value
  • Applications that allow for a shorter sales cycle
  • Targeted industries and customers that offer large markets
  • Products that provide clear differentiation from any competition
  • Ideas and companies willing to be cultivated in Nebraska

We DON'T want:

  • Development efforts that require a long lead for v1 shipment
  • Products that rely on viral marketing or short trends
  • Applications with a small targeted customer base or too small of a niche
  • Ideas and companies that are strictly seeking capital

Application Guidelines

Did you pass the eye test above? Here are some guidelines to get the most out of the time we may spend together:

  • Concisely convey what you would like from us and how you think we can help.
  • Tell us about the product you are selling or plan to sell in a way anyone on the street can understand.
  • Where is the value and what problem are you solving?
  • What are the 3 things you need most in your business?
  • What are the 3 things that jeopardize your business and its success?
  • Where can we see your product, how is your product built, and when would you plan on bringing in your development leads to discuss the details? Remember we are nerds and love this stuff.
  • What areas of your business do you anticipate needing help from us in and how are you planning on spending our money?
  • What is your ideal role, future and eventual exit look like?

If all of our DO’s apply to you, perhaps we should talk. Apply now.

Important Things to Know

  • Software Only!

    We know software. We understand software. We are only focused on software. It's what we know and believe has the best return and greatest sustainable impact to our community’s ecosystem. We can't help you with anything else but we may know those who can, and we'd be happy to point you in their direction.

  • It's Not Just About Capital

    If all you need is capital, we are not a good fit. We need to be able to entrench ourselves in a business and understand it to the point where we can bring forward expertise and operational assistance. If it were only capital, we would tend to think like the stereotypical VC, where we would want 30X and an exit in no more than 5 years. No blood dripping from our claws as we tear your heart, and in turn your business, apart to focus solely on an exit. That would require us to take ourselves way too seriously.

  • Sorry, No NDA's

    We probably won’t sign a non-disclosure agreement until we get to know each other better. There are simply too many conversations and concurrent efforts underway to restrict what we pursue or the conversations we need to have. If we’re all excited about the possibility of working together, there will be plenty of time for binding paperwork.