Toys for Tots

Our company success relies on the talent of the people who comprise the Nebraska Global team. Our community is no different; it can only be as great as people are willing to make it. By leveraging our talented workforce, Nebraska Global works towards alleviating societal problems in our community through volunteering time and talent to numerous local organizations.

Center for People in Need

At Nebraska Global, our ability to recruit and retain talent goes beyond a paycheck. In order to attract the best talent, it is imperative that the community in which Nebraska Global team members live is a great place to raise a family, provides a high quality of living, and is a place one can be proud to call home.


Community Crops Lincoln Community Foundation

Through a partnership with the Lincoln Community Foundation, Nebraska Global is able to help nonprofits improve their technology infrastructure. Nebraska Global and the Lincoln Community Foundation believe this new partnership will help reduce time and costs for nonprofits, and will free up more program funding for their core mission.

Nebraska Global is able to offer technology services from its staff at no cost to nonprofits while the Lincoln Community Foundation and other private donors provide financial support to cover the costs of new hardware and software.

The Nebraska Global Nonprofit Technology Fund project takes a “teach how to fish” approach by aiming to break the cycle of dependency on expensive support and maintenance contracts. Ongoing training opportunities and resources are available to help all nonprofits become more informed consumers in today’s technology marketplace.

Case studies of previous projects are available for download.